Welcome to the stix2-validator documentation!

The STIX Validator checks that STIX JSON content conforms to the requirements specified in the latest STIX 2 specifications. In addition to checking conformance with the JSON schemas, the validator checks conformance with requirements that cannot be specified in JSON schema, as well as with established “best practices.” This validator is non-normative; in cases of conflict with the STIX specification, the specification takes precedence.

The STIX 2 specification contains two types of requirements: mandatory “MUST” requirements, and recommended “SHOULD” best practice requirements. The validator checks documents against the “MUST” requirements using JSON schemas. Some of these mandatory requirements cannot be implemented in JSON Schema, however, so the validator uses Python functions to check them. The “SHOULD” requirements are all checked by Python functions, and options may be used to ignore some or all of these recommended “best practices.”

The STIX Validator uses the stix2-patterns validator to check that Indicator patterns conform to the STIX Patterning language and only reference properties valid for the objects in the pattern.

The validator also color-codes its output to make it easier to tell at a glance whether validation passed.

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